The vision’s no longer a trick of my mind, my memories told me, I’m buried alive … and it’s time to ESCAPE!

Listening to Timesphere is like meeting an old friend. The band has roots back to the 1990’s, when today’s last remaining founding member Philip Marienfeld took his first steps into the professional recording business. With “Tranquility to Tempest” album, which was made completely on DIY-basis, he produced Timesphere’s debut album. Due to the reactions on this, it seemed to be only the beginning. But things were changing: some of the members quit, others were concentrating on different aspects of their lives. But there was still a tiny flame, which allowed Timesphere to survive as a songwriting project. Over the years, new members came in, friendships were made; skills in composing, arranging, producing and playing music were improved and developed. At the end of this process, there are five mature and grown up artists, who found their place in the music business.

“Escape” is a concept album which tells the story of Finn, who’s suffering from his past, dealing with the fate of having been a victim of sexual harassment, when he was an orphan child, living in an asylum. Timesphere dares to talk about this sensitive issue. They take the listener on an emotional journey. Using their voice and instruments, they are able to translate anger, frustration, depression, love and hate of the protagonist into sound, rhythm and music. Through this story, the empathy for Finn will be awakened.

Each band member is highly experienced in playing live and in the studio. It’s no wonder that they produced the entire album themselves, with help from Simon Michael (Subway to Sally) doing the mix and Sascha Bühren, who’s responsible for mastering.

Additional information:

  • Singer Frank Graffstedt is active member of the Heavy Metal coverband legend Justice. They have been touring for the last 30 years and are well known in southern Germany.
  • Bassist and singer Alex Endress is working as a full-time professor, teaching “music business” at Popakademie Baden Württemberg and is running the music business program.